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This chute below the Castle at Alta is an all-time classic. Steep and scary with nowhere to turn... you just have to ride your speed out until the bottom. It's a great adrenaline rush particularly on tele-skies. The first time I tried to film it, I didn't even have the helmet camera, I just held the camera in one hand and my poles in the other. Needless to the say, the footage wasn't so great. After I got the helmet-cam, I tried a few more times but it never quite worked. I had been attaching the camera to my helmet using packing tape which was hardly robust. It was hard to get the camera straight and once it came off in a crash it was impossible to reattach since tape doesn't really stick to a cold wet helmet. The day they opened the Castle after the huge Christmas Storm in December 2003 I got first tracks down the chute with the camera running. Alas I taped the camera angled too low and all you could see was the occasional tip of a ski in the deep snow. The other time I ran it, the camera was at a weird angle and you could only see the rock wall rushing by. Such are the vagaries of inventing your own camera systems. In March I figured out how to affix the camera to my helmet with velcro and in mid-April, a few days before Alta closed for the season, I came back to film this chute again. The conditions were horrible - semi-frozen, crunchy-hard crud - but I was determined to get the footage. Luckily I didn't break anything, although it is hard to say why...

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