a Pholcid spider has a near-death experience
(45 sec, 18.5Mb)

a pink carpet of ants -- leafcutters carry flowers
(19 sec, 15.9Mb)

army ants hold off the leafcutters
(18 sec, 9.2Mb)

"critter's-eye view" of an army ant trail
(13 sec, 9.4Mb)





(13 sec, 9.6Mb)

swarm 1
(10 sec, 6.7Mb)

swarm 2
(13 sec, 12.4 Mb)

log swarm 1
(6 sec, 6.7 Mb)




log swarm 2
(9 sec, 7.9 Mb)



All video (c) Tim Brown, 2001
For more information or for permission for use, contact Tim Brown


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