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A Harvestman spider has a near-death experience
(45 seconds, 18.5 Mb)

I had set up my camera to film the army ants swarming a green mossy log. About a minute into the shot, this daddly-long-legs came running down the stump but couldn't escape from the end. It remained perfectly still as the ants swarmed it, finally collapsing to the ground under their weight. But army ants are mainly stimulated to attack by the motion of their prey and after a few minutes, the ants finished searching the log and they all dropped off of the spider and ran away. The harvestman shook itself off and walked off, apparently unscathed (Note that although "daddy-long-legs" are often called "spiders", they are not technically spiders because they don't have fangs, spinning organs or venom glands. Harvestmen also look very similar to the "daddy-long-legs" common in the N. America and Europe that are in the family Pholcidae). This clip is sped up to 4 times normal speed.


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